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We are Queens of Virtue, a community where GenXers, Xennials and Millenial women can come to for original, inspirational, and authentic content to fuel their passions, desires, and attitudes. We are our sisters’ keepers. Our contributors are way-makers, inspiring women to live their best lives on a platform which promotes their stories, genuine voices, and the beauty in their diversity.

We seek original, unique content in all things Travel. Beauty. Style. We are mothers, sisters, aunts – who work in any industry, but come together through our obsession to travel the world, beautifully, in style!

Our Voice

We desire friendly, optimistic, upbeat, open-minded, encouraging, and conversational tones. Imagine, talking to your sister or friend, as we consider ourselves your second family!

What We LOVE


We love listicles. We love personal essays. We love beauty recipes, reviews, looks, and how-tos. We adore fashion street style features, shopping guides and looks of the day.  We want to see your adventures, and travel tips – where to eat and stay, what to see and do! We lust after solo travel pieces, expat tips and study abroad features. We love destination pieces and itineraries. We want your personal style to resonate through the walls of this platform. Humor is genuinely welcomed!

We are always looking for contributing writers

Our Audience

We are a multicultural community of women, ages 20 – 45 (with our reach growing daily), from all over the world. Many of our community members are avid lovers of travel, beauty, and style. We’re travelers, not tourists! We are women who desire authentic, and often luxurious experiential ventures. Many of our readers are bloggers, social influencers, and brand ambassadors.

Perks of Being a Contributor

Queens of Virtue is an influencer hub, showcasing some of the best creative digital storytellers. We partner with the top trendsetting brands within the travel, beauty and style arenas. Top contributors are promoted to ambassadors, and receive free night stays at chic luxury hotels, and/or complimentary meals at the best restaurants, and luxury spa treatments from around the world. Ambassadors also get to try out the latest apps, and so much more. Our ambassador program is by invitation only!

  1. All contributors are able to link to their social platforms, including their blog/website
  2. Contributors receive login info where they can customize their bio, pics and writer profiles
  3. Contributors benefit from the added exposure (name/work on our internationally recognized platform)
  4. Contributors are able to hone their writing skills and produce high-quality content, which is shared to our rapidly growing social networks (as well as brand’s social networks)

As this platform grows, top performing ambassadors will be rewarded with a flat rate for their contributions!

Our Guidelines

  1. Reviews have to be AUTHENTIC, Honest and REAL.
  2. Tell us about your experience, exactly as it happens, in a conversational manner. We want to feel as if we were actually there, or that we can’t wait to visit (a format and form will be given for brand review pieces)! Show! Don’t tell!
  3. Your images must be high-quality images, that you own the rights too. We also love (and encourage) videos as well. Stock images are okay, as well as proper photo crediting whenever necessary. We are also Giphy-friendly!
  4. Professionalism at all times, especially when you are onsite at brand’s property!
  5. Your work to be fully edited, free of grammatical errors and submitted on time!
  6. Features are to be between 500 – 750 words. Use short power-packed paragraphs, with short, concise sentences.
  7. All pitches must be submitted via Google Docs. All email pitches will be deleted!
  8. Include story angles. It must generate interest. For example, visiting Paris might be a beautiful experience you’ve had, but the angle would be “Why Paris is a Must-Experience for Solo Female Travelers.” It’s not about you, but concerning you!
  9. Articles must be original and not published anywhere. You can link to your blog/post (if you are a blogger/writer). Absolutely no plagiarism. Please properly cite all necessary features.
  10. Absolutely NO PROFANITY/EXPLICIT content, RELIGIOUS or POLITICAL pieces. We are strictly about Diversity and Inclusion and don’t want anything that will spark division.
  11. We are NOT anti-feminism, we are Pro Womenism!
  12. There’s no limit to how much you can contribute/pitch. The more, the merrier!





Sapphire Kharyzma
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Sapphire Kharyzma

Blogger-in-Chic, Travelpreneur at Queens of Virtue
Travel. Beauty. Style. engages women through an empowered life of Luxury Travel. Leisure and Life of Style. We seek real affluent minded women, to offer real, mind, body soul'U'tions, as we are transformed into queens through storytelling and capturing memories with Virtuous Journeys.

Travel is our lifestyle; our luxury tribe - where we come together as one collective, united and driven by the desire to experience the best of the best, rooted in the freedom of possibilities - abundantly available through luxury travel, with beauty, as our canvas, and style as our artistic tool.

Join us as we explore and get culturally inspired. Travel. Beauty. Style. is our luxury gateway. Blog features focus on experiencing diverse cultures through the life of luxury, uniquely and creatively. Gather your bucket lists, cameras, journals, passports, chic outfits, trendy beauty must-haves and tastebuds...sit back and relax, as queens don't catch feelings, we catch flights, trains, and ships - in beautiful style!
Sapphire Kharyzma
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