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Queens of Virtue is a lifestyle brand which specializes in luxury experiences for affluent-minded travelers, mainly  Generation Xers, Xennials, and Millenial women. Sapphire Kharyzma, the founder of Queens of Virtue - is an experienced traveler and marketing professional, who is knowledgeable, capable and passionate about the services our luxury brand will promote and offer.

Within the ever-growing travel industry, Queens of Virtue will focus on the niche market of luxury travel. Our primary travelers are individuals, mainly women of high-net-worth - who travel for leisure at least once per year. Seeking the ultimate travel experience, the targeted traveler demands the finest quality activities and accommodations accompanied by a superior level of service. Queens of Virtue will have a competitive advantage over others in this market by hosting smaller, more exclusive traveling opportunities, enabling travelers of these intimate groups to receive personal attention from their travel hosts. Queens of Virtue will cultivate this niche with one-to-one contact with our travelers; and personal contact with sophisticated travel suppliers whose primary clientele targets our market; broad outreach programs through various media; special events; and innovation.

Sapphire is an experienced traveler and luxury specialist, who knows how to deliver. She boasts an eclectic history of travel destinations - and is a Caribbean Destination Specialist.

Queens: Your Luxury Ambassadors of Style




- a woman, that is foremost or preeminent in any respect: a movie queen; a beauty queen

- a woman regarded as the finest or most outstanding in a particular sphere or group.

- a woman or girl, chosen to hold the most important position



- behavior showing high moral standards

---Oxford English Dictionary

This is the message we want to promote! We seek to extend our company's name, and subtleties of its meaning, to the luxury traveler! The luxury traveler travels like a queen of virtue!

We aim to convey the myriad benefits the luxury traveler will receive by traveling with Queens of Virtue's Virtuous Journeys!

A Queens of Virtue: Travel. Leisure. Lifestyle traveler will have an experience, evoked by these phrases:

•Top-of-the-line, top-drawer care-free leisure.

•Worry-free and problem-free, all-details-handled without hassle.

•Personally tailored, friendly expert guidance, seamless operations, attention to details.

•Pampered and "spoiled", luxurious and permeated with stylish confidence.

•Irreplaceable memories, not astronomically priced.

Therefore, we have addressed the Five F's our community wants:

Function. Our service meets their concrete needs and desires.

Finances. Our prices are exclusive and not found anywhere else.

Freedom. We make booking very convenient, thereby freeing the traveler's time and mind.

Feelings. We provide a service that makes the travelers feel pleased with themselves for their acumen in selecting such a superior product.

Future. Our service creates great satisfaction. The traveler's only longing is for another Journey!

What We Offer

A travel advisor ensures that you are a person, not a number. We are invested in our clients' happiness and satisfaction and want to make sure each and every trip is packed full of positive lifelong memories. We are with you before, during and after your trip. We answer our phones and respond to email no matter where you are on the planet. We are the experts! Like a doctor or an accountant, we ask the right questions, listen to your answers and offer expert advice to guide you in making one of your most important decisions – how to spend your invaluable time off.

  • Travel Marketing & Management
  • Product, Business, Hotel Reviews
  • Destination Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Digital Storyteller/Influencer Marketing
  • Professionally Creative Photography & Unique Content Creation
  • Business/Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities
  • Luxury Digital Magazine and Newsletter
  • Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador

Contact us today, so we can discuss your brand ambassador needs! We are growing daily, and invite you to grow with us!

Disclosure: We are PR friendly, and often receive FAM/Press Trips - so that we are able to offer reviews to our readers and travelers. We work with affiliate and sponsored features as well. We do pay for many of our trips - however, whenever necessary - through travel discounts as industry professionals. Our reviews enable us to best recommend services and products to our community of Travel. Beauty. Style. lovers and enthusiasts!





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