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Luxe Cultural Experience Japan

Luxe Cultural Experience Japan

$7800 / per person
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11 days/10 night of glorious bliss…as we capture the highlights of Japan in this multiday package.

  • Journey through the most beautiful & authentic cities of the Land of the Rising Sun with different traveling experiences
  • Soak in the relaxing mineral waters of an onsen hot spring, one of Japan’s most restful cultural practices, while enjoying a traditional Japanese Kaiseki-style dinner
  • Explore the Gion district of Kyoto – the most local & authentic way; via a traditional Kimono.
  • Indulge in mouth-watering with Japanese cuisine that makes unforgettable memories
  • Enjoy luxurious Kyoto delicacies, while conversing with a lovely Maiko (apprentice Geisha)

Participate in an exclusive Tea Ceremony experience at the temple in Kyoto – not usually open to the public.

  • Destination
  • Included
    4 Star Accommodations
    5 Star Accommodation
    Airport Transfer
    Personal Guide
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    Chartered Cruise
    Luxury Train
    Private Butler
    Private Island
    Private Jet
    Private Yacht
    River Cruise

Tour Plan


Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo

Konichiwa and welcome to Tokyo. Your National Guide Escort will be waiting with your name on a sign board to transfer you by a private coach to your hotel in Tokyo. On arrival at your hotel, you are free to explore Tokyo on your own before welcome dinner. Meals:  Dinner Keio Plaza Tokyo (4 Nights): Standard Room with Breakfast A luxury stay in the heart of Tokyo awaits you at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. Within just a 10-minute stroll, you will find popular attractions like Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and The Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Highlights at this family-friendly hotel include 11 restaurants, 5 bars/lounges, and 3 coffee shops/cafés.

Day 2: Tokyo Highlight City Tour

Meet your guide at your hotel and visit Meiji Shrine by a private vehicle, your first stop. Dedicated to the deified spirits of the former Emperor and his wife, Meiji Shrine is one of the most famous Shinto shrines in Japan. Enter through the 12-meter-high Torii gate into the tranquil grounds, where you’ll wash your hands as per Shinto ritual of cleansing before entering this sacred space. Observe Shinto rituals and prayers as you walk through the area, connecting with the traditions of this unique culture. Dive into the pulsating center of Tokyo's youth culture, exploring some of Tokyo's latest trends and fashions in Shibuya, one of the most famous shopping locations in Tokyo. This district is teeming with funky and subversive fashion, as well as some of the best entertainment in town. Take in the hectic pace of Tokyo as you attempt to cross the world famous "scramble" crossroad. Then, head to Asakusa District. A jolt to the senses, leave behind the ultra-modern bustle to discover the quiet side streets of this traditionally styled district. Asakusa was an entertainment district in the Edo era, but lost its role in the modern era. Nowadays, it is home to charming shops and restaurants, not to mention the oldest temple in the city, Sensoji. Enter this 7th Century Buddhist temple by passing through the Thunder Gate, indicated by a massive red lantern. Walk along Nakamise Street, a centuries old souvenir street of 96 shop stalls, while shopping for that perfect souvenir or pick up a local delicacy as there is plenty of scrumptious snacks too. Take in the atmosphere of the temple and be sure to look up at the beautiful ceiling murals. Finally, you will visit Mori Building Digital Art Museum, the world's first digital art museum in Tokyo which opened last June. Meals:  Breakfast

Day 3: Tokyo Half Day & Sushi Making Class

You will relax in the spacious lawns, meandering paths and tranquil scenery of Shinjuku Gyoen, one of Tokyo’s largest parks before Sushi Making Lesson. Then you will visit the cooking studio and master the delicate art of authentic Japanese sushi making and learn everything there is to know about dashi, miso, mirin and sake. Impress friends with your ability to prepare traditional rice and toppings, creating a multitude of colorful and delicious sushi, including Rolled Egg, Sushi Rice, Inari Sushi, Tuna Roll, Cucumber Roll, California Roll, Nigiri Sushi and Miso Soup. After being welcomed by the courteous staff and enjoying a cup of traditional Japanese green tea, you will receive a short introduction to the importance of quality ingredients in Japanese cuisine.  Learn about the subtle flavors of dashi (Japanese soup stock) and how to pick the best seasonings (soy sauce, sake, miso etc.). After creating a variety of nigiri, inari and hosomaki, it is time to eat and enjoy. This cooking class will not only provide you with an unforgettable memory, but also offers a great opportunity to learn a new skill, that you can bring home and share with your family and friends. **Note: It is possible to arrange for vegetarian, halal or all sorts of dietary requirements** This afternoon head back to your hotel in Tokyo and you are free to explore more of Tokyo on your own. Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch  

Day 4: Tokyo Free Day

Today you are free to explore Tokyo on your own. Meals: Breakfast

Day 5: Tokyo to Hakone

Today, you will head to the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park by a private vehicle. The ultimate urban escape in the shadow of Mt. Fuji, take advantage of this time to slow down and enjoy some traditional Japanese pastimes in a beautiful natural setting. Upon arrival, ride the Guinness World Record-setting Hakone ropeway all the way up Mt. Owakudani, soaring over sulphurous fumes emanating from hot springs and rivers in this volcanic area. At the top, try the famous hardboiled egg, cooked at the source of the springs and add seven years to your life, according to local lore! Then make your way to the Hakone Open Air Museum which successfully attempts to create a harmonic balance of nature and art by exhibiting various sculptures on its grounds in combination with views of the surrounding valley and mountains. Finally, you will be transferred to your ryokan in Hakone and enjoy Japanese Kaiseki-style meal for dinner. NOTE: This morning, your luggage will be transported separately from Tokyo to Kyoto. Please arrange a small bag for 1 night in Hakone. Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu (1 Night): (Japanese Room with Private Open-air Bath) - Dinner & Breakfast. This ryokan opened its doors in late April 2017 and features impeccably designed Japanese-style rooms and spectacular mountain views. The highlight of each room is the private outdoor onsen bath that fills with real onsen spring water and is the best way to enjoy the amazing scenery. Your stay here comes with access to Ten-yu's outdoor infinity onsen pool and includes an indulgent Kaiseki dinner that's the perfect way to cap off an amazing day.  

Day 6: Hakone to Kyoto

You will be transferred to Odawara to catch the Shinkasen Bullet Train for Kyoto by a private vehicle. Hotel Kanra Kyoto (2 Nights): Standard Room with Breakfast. Located in heart of city, next to Kyoto Station, you will be within just a 15-minute stroll of popular places like Kyoto Tower and Kyoto Aquarium. Highlights at this hotel include 4 restaurants and in-room free Wi-Fi.   Travel in comfort on Japan's fast and efficient high-speed rail network. The trains travel at speeds of up to 300km/hr and cover the 430km distance to Kyoto in approximately 2 hours.   On arrival in Kyoto, discover the charm and tranquillity of Arashiyama, located on the Western outskirts of Kyoto by a private vehicle.   Start the day at Okochi Mountain Villa, the former estate of famed film star Okochi Denjiro. Walk around the splendid gardens, which have impressive viewpoints of the city below. The villa itself is considered the finest example of traditional Japanese residential architecture in the country. Take a moment to enjoy a complimentary matcha green tea and traditional Japanese sweets in this charming setting. Now, it’s time to lose yourself on a peaceful stroll through the bamboo grove. An important material for products and construction, bamboo also grows tall, narrow and dense, creating a hushed and serene feeling as you pass through. Stop at Nonomiya Shrine, set amongst the grove, this Shinto shrine was a sanctuary for princesses. Look at the grounds and vast variety of amulets, before continuing your walk through the grove. Finally, you will experience the exclusive tea ceremony at a temple that is usually not open to public. The temple has a history of over 400 years and boasts magnificent views of its beautiful garden. A delicious confectionery and a bowl of matcha green tea in the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of this temple will make for an unforgettable event. Meals: Breakfast

Day 7: Kyoto Full Day

Today, start the tour by exploring the Gion district of Kyoto in the most local way you can; in a traditional Kimono!   Choose from a beautiful selection of over 200 Kimonos and Yukatas, before being styled and fitted by the experts. Observe how different you feel in Japan's most exquisite dress and encounter appreciative and inquisitive locals as you stroll the streets of Gion.   This area has retained a very traditional style, so it is the perfect place to try out wearing a Kimono for the first time. The pictures you take on this tour will be unlike any other from your trip and the memory of Gion district will be unforgettable.   Then head to Nishiki Market, a narrow shopping street lined with over 100 shops and restaurants. Known as "Kyoto's Kitchen", this lively retail market specializes in all things food related, and is a great place to find seasonal foods and Kyoto specialties, such as Japanese sweets, pickles, dried seafood and sushi.   Next, visit Kiyomizu-dera Temple, taking in the incredible vistas of the city from the 13-meter high veranda jutting out from the main hall. Marvel at its unique architecture, built without the use of nails or any kind of joiners. Descend, and wander around Higashiyama’s busy lanes, enjoying the array of quaint shops selling souvenirs including Kiyomizu-yaki pottery, sweets and pickles.   Then visit the enchanted Fushimi Inari Shrine with its torii gates and picturesque tunnels.   **Note: Kimono Rental is for a full day and items must be returned by 6.30pm**   This evening, you will head to a traditional restaurant in Kyoto where you will enjoy an exquisite dinner.   A charming and elegant Maiko (apprentice Geisha) will greet you in the sophisticated Kyoto dialect. Dressed in delicate kimonos, they entertain guests with their graceful dance known as the Kyomai.   Relax in a traditional tatami room, enjoying luxurious Kyoto delicacies, while conversing with the lovely Maiko. Kyoto cuisine is known for its sophistication and exquisite presentation. The dishes are prepared using only the highest quality of ingredients and represent an unbroken tradition dating back to the Heian period.   The Maiko are very friendly and accommodating and you can also take a picture with them. Your guide will be there to assist you and translate when needed. This is the quintessential Kyoto experience, and is sure to provide you with an unforgettable memory of Japan.   Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 8: Kyoto to Hiroshima

After breakfast, make your way to Kyoto station on foot and travel by Shinkansen from Kyoto to Hiroshima which takes just over 1.5 hours to cover 381km. Upon arrival, you will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park by a private vehicle, which is located at the center of Hiroshima City. The A-Bomb Dome, also known as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, is what remains of the former Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. The building served as a location to promote Hiroshima's industries. When the bomb exploded, it was one of the few buildings to remain standing and remains so today. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the A-Bomb Dome is a tangible link to Hiroshima's unique past. Enjoy Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savory Pancake) at a local restaurant. NOTE: This morning, your luggage will be transported separately from Kyoto to Osaka. Please arrange a small bag for 2 nights in Hiroshima. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel (2 Nights): Deluxe Room with Breakfast. This hotel is located within 1-minute walk from Hiroshima Station, and a close drive to the city’s main attractions, including the Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Castle, Peace Memorial Park, and City Museum of Contemporary Art. Rooms are temperature controlled, spacious, and comfortable. Choice amenities including deep soaking tubs, special beds, pillow menus, laptop-compatible safes, and DVD players are available. Rejuvenate in the fabulous steam room, indoor swimming pool or the around-the-clock fitness center.  

Day 9: Hiroshima to Miyajima to Hiroshima

Miyajima Island is the popular name of Itsuku-shima Island, situated in Hatsukaichi City in southwestern Hiroshima. It is a scenic site in which the mountains, sea, and red shrine buildings blend together in harmony, and the entire island is designated as a historic site.   Your day starts with Itsuku-shima-jinja Shrine, located in Miyajima, Hatsukaichi City in southwestern Hiroshima, is a unique shrine that looks as if it is floating in the sea. It boasts of a solemn and gorgeous architectural beauty in the shinden-style, the palace style popular around the 10th century. The main shrine with its red pillars and white walls, along with the symbol of Miyajima, the O-torii Gate in the sea, create a wonderful contrast with the dark green woods and deep blue sea. It was inscribed as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1996.   After spending the day at Miyajima, you will be transferred back to your hotel and free to explore Hiroshima on your own.   Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 10: Hiroshima to Osaka

After breakfast, make your way to Hiroshima station on foot and travel by Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Shin-Osaka, the journey takes under 1.5 hours to cover 342km.   Upon arrival, you will visit Osaka castle which was built in 1583 as the intended capital of Japan before the capital was moved to Edo (now known as Tokyo). It is now a symbol of Osaka.   After Osaka castle, make your way to Umeda Sky Building and go up to the observatory. While enjoying the breath-taking sights, you can also directly feel the wind―which at 170 meters off the ground - and can get quite strong. Here, not only you can see all of Osaka but also you can see as far away as Awaji Island. The basement of the building houses, known as the Takimi-Koji gourmet street, captivates old fashioned images of Osaka from the 1920s.   You are free to explore Osaka on your own before farewell dinner. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner The Cross Hotel Osaka (1 Night): Standard Room with Breakfast. Providing 229 guestrooms including 2 suites, CROSS HOTEL OSAKA is located on the famous Midosuji Street in the heart of the entertainment district of Osaka Minami. Easily accessible to Dotonbori, there are plenty of restaurants, shops, bars, and theaters in the area.

Day 11: Departure for Osaka

Enjoy your final morning in Osaka before departing to the airport for your flight.

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