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Thought to be ‘a cradle of civilization,’ Egypt has both a rich history and culture. With many great sites to see, historical and modern, travelers could choose from the various cities, including Luxor, home to Valley of the Kings and the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Alexandria and Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Travelers can also visit the only remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza.

Egypt, a democratic republic of multi ethnicities – is home to over 90 million Egyptians  equally split between urban and rural-dwelling citizens, concentrated near the banks of the Nile in the major cities of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Port Said. Egyptian culture dates back thousands of years to the ancient Pharaohs and has had many influencers throughout history. This colonialist footprint blends the country’s rich tradition, defining Egyptian culture, we’ve come to love today!

Good to Know

Ancient Egypt grips the imagination, touches the soul, and inspires the uninspired.



Visa Requirements

Needed for US Citizens.



Languages spoken


Currency Used

EGP -Egyptian Pound


Hot Desert

Cultural Vibes

Food, one of the main social pillars of Egyptian culture! The local palate is centered around legumes and rice with onions, garlic and plenty of spices. Take a stroll on the Corniche in Zamalek and stop by any of the numerous Nile cruise boats. Authentic oriental dishes are served against an unbeatable backdrop of dancing city lights and shimmering water, enriched by a gentle breeze. If you’re able to head north to Alexandria, then seafood is just what the doctor ordered. With the Mediterranean Sea just inches away, salt water fish and crustaceans are a dime a dozen. Select your fish and your favorite cooking style, and enjoy a seat by the window where you can watch small boats sail in and out of the marina while the sun sets in the distance on the Mediterranean. Captivating entertainment - such as belly dancing, or oriental dancing as it’s formally known-is a longstanding part of Egyptian culture permeating all facets of life, from cabarets to the most extravagant weddings. Originally a means of gaining higher spiritual awareness, witnessing dazzling, brightly colored skirts spinning to the hypnotic pulse of the music is guaranteed to mesmerize.

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