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Stress-Free Packing – Become the Ultimate Packing Queen

It’s finally that time of the year again when the sunshine lures you out for a lazy evening stroll every day, and everything tastes like a piña colada! And you can practically hear the airplane roll out into the runway and the engines lifting you off towards another exotic destination. Yet even if you’re the personification of Zen on any other day, and a minimalist at heart, there’s one part of the vacation equation that most likely drives you up the wall: the wonderful packing process.

From choosing what to wear, coordinating needs and wants, events and possibilities, all the way to washing, prepping, and the actual packing, it can wreck your holiday mood in no time. So, let’s pull our collective wits together and win this fashion battle once and for all!

Know thy map

Have you taken a glance at the forecast for the destination you’re visiting? Because even if you’re headed for the sunniest part of Greece, there might be an odd day of rain and wind, which makes your little compact umbrella and your sneakers a necessity, and not just an option.

Additionally, it’s wise to check certain cultural expectations and possible boundaries. For example, certain countries in the Middle East require you to wear long skirts and pants, so you’ll need cotton and linen varieties for comfort and heat. All these little guidelines will greatly determine your wardrobe and accessories, so do some research in advance.

Choose by color

Or the lack thereof, since you have limited space in your suitcase, and you should always have as many combo options as possible, which isn’t doable with one pink shirt, red pants, and green sandals. I mean, that looks like one delicious ice-cream, but if you wish to visit a fancy restaurant, then black, white, beige, and a variety of creamy hues can be your go-to selection.

Of course, you can always have a handful of selected pieces that brighten up your wardrobe, and patterns such as vivid florals and classy stripes are always welcome and very versatile. With a subdued palette, you’ll be able to mix and match to your heart’s content!

Key summer-licious pieces

QqxakkK.jpg (1200×800)

Cute and casual are the two best ways to describe the clothes every gal should have available during her summer travels. Unless you’re traveling for business, in which case you’ll need to think of a more formal outfit selection.

As for your beachy escapades, think in terms of shirt dresses, stylish summer skirts, and a comfortable shorts for your daily adventures. Regarding your tops, kaftans and breezy tanks make for this year’s summer favorites, simply because you can only add some elegant accessories such as a statement necklace, and your daytime outfit instantly transforms into an evening look. Instead of bringing too many of each group, remember that you can always wash one or two pieces for an added day of wear, instead of stuffing your suitcase with extras.

Mind your step

VG6d6Li.jpg (1200×1201)

When it comes to your lovely feet, don’t underestimate the importance of the right pair of lightweight sandals that will make your sightseeing as comfy as possible, and blister-free. Leather hues on Roman-inspired sandals work wonders with denim, cotton, and more sophisticated fabrics, so you can wear them for any occasion.

Flipflops for the beach or your cocktail by the pool and a set of regular ballet flats for a slightly cooler evening stroll both justify their place on your checklist. If you plan to visit high-end restaurants, then by all means, a pair of neutral high heels is every gal’s asset, especially if you have a stunning playsuit or your LBD to put on.

Be smart with add-ons

vtyPuYG.jpg (1200×826)

The right piece of bling is often all you need to elevate your entire look from casual to classy in an instant. This is where your creativity can shine in all of its glory, as wearing neutral tones in your wardrobe and a fresh tan all make for a perfect basis to experiment with some new, exciting baubles!

The world is your oyster as far as choices go, so anything from simple chokers, layered bracelets in a rainbow of colors, all the way too stacked rings and pearl earrings can bring a splash of color to your minimalist wardrobe.


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