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5 Ways to Incorporate Mediterranean Sensuality into Your Style


Timeless, yet modern, the Mediterranean style was always worn mostly by women who embraced everything about feminine elegance. However, rather than soft, demure, and delicate, this style is a lot more about the power of a woman, about raw sexuality and confidence. Simply put, it’s about passion. A sun-kissed look that reminds us of the fresh sea air and long, lazy summer afternoons, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off with the right garments.

Want to embrace your inner goddess and rock some Mediterranean frocks? Take a look at our suggestions.

Keep it minimalist

This style is really not about baubles and flashy accessories. On the contrary, it’s quite simple and it embraces your natural beauty and shows it off through minimalist garments and color schemes. Neutrals are your friends, and if you’ve never combined black and camel-toned or sandy shades before, you have to try it. The effect is luxurious and elegant. Earthy brown, beige, and nude are also good options because you always want to put that dose of warmth in your outfit. Stick to monochromatic looks like these with only one color scheme, and it’ll make it easy to wear both at the office and for evening cocktails.

Embrace your curves

Like we said, this style is feminine. It enhances the natural shape of the female body and kind of helps you work with what you’ve already god. Wrap dresses and V-neck cuts are encouraged, and so are clinging materials, silk, and anything that enhances your waist. Light bodycon dresses and jumpsuits that you can embellish with a belt will give you a lovely hourglass shape, and keep you looking sexy.

Bombshell swimwear

Swimsuits are a huge part of this style, and in order to pick the right one, you want to go a little retro. Rather than grabbing something in crazy colors, choose one-piece suits in flattering cuts and minimalist polka dot prints, or stick to color-blocking. You want to find sexy luxury swimwear that will make you feel really beautiful. Bandeau and asymmetrical one-shoulder designs can work in your favor, and you can style it up with the help of a big floppy hat and cat-shaped sunglasses that will really bring out that bombshell sexiness.

Pick modern bags, jewelry, and shoes

We wouldn’t really call this style retro, but we’d definitely call it timeless. However, despite that, adding ultra-modern touches can help make it trendier, and luckily this year’s accessories work really well with Mediterranean fashion. Rounded straw bags will complement any look perfectly, and wedge mules or even better, espadrilles look spectacular when paired together. Rattan backpacks are also a very cute idea, and when it comes to jewelry, your best bet is wood. Wooden pieces are elegant, but they’re also visually very interesting and the tones of wood work well with the color scheme or this style. Pick a pair of dangly earrings or a beaded necklace for a touch of boho glam.

Finishing touches

This style is entirely incomplete without perfume. Scents are a very important part of fashion, and a lot of people underestimate how a good perfume can complete the look and paint the perfect picture. When dressing up, you want to tease multiple senses if sex-appeal is your goal – soft fabrics that caress the skin, gorgeous wardrobe, and a great perfume that makes people want to linger around you. Pick a summery scent like the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc, that has a blend of floral notes and amber and is reminiscent of hot summer nights. After you pick your signature scent, focus on makeup, especially your lipstick – you’ll want a statement nude. MAC’s Kinda Sexy, NARS lipstick in Honolulu Honey, or NYX’s Matte Lip Cream in the shade Leon are all good choices.

And most of all, embrace the attitude to go with this fashion style. Confidence and power are essential parts of it, so let your passion show and enjoy the new look.

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