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4 of the Best Bars to Visit in Nashville

With more than 13 million visitors every year, Nashville is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States. If you plan on going to Music City, you are in for a treat. During the day, you can visit Nashville cornerstones like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

When the sun goes down on this historic city and it’s time for a drink, you have plenty of great options available to you. From hip hot spots to classic speakeasies and more, Nashville has a bar scene for every type of tourist.

For the TV Fanatic: The 5 Spot

Fans of the hit TV show “Nashville” will recognize this bar immediately. While its fame is certainly a big draw for many, you don’t have to be a binge-watcher to enjoy this hotspot. As East Nashville’s only live music venue, The 5 Spot has lots of great entertainment.

This fun bar is known to host events such as the Monday Night Dance Party, swing music nights, Sunday Night Soul, and plenty of up-and-coming artists. Of course, their great drink specials and a variety of mainstream liquors can help you get your groove on.

For History Buffs: The Patterson House

Are you convinced that you were a flapper in a past life? If so, you definitely cannot miss The Patterson House. This classic Nashville bar is known as the first speakeasy in Nashville, and it still sticks to its Prohibition-era roots.

When you go looking for The Patterson House, you won’t find flashing lights guiding the way. In fact, you won’t even find more than their hours on their website. That’s just how old-school this bar is. However, when you walk through the humble front door, you may just feel like you’ve traveled through time. The perfect thirties decor, finely crafted drinks, and attentive bartenders will make you feel quite sophisticated.

For the Hip Crowd: Bar No. 308

If you know all the coolest DJs before they become mainstream, love Beat writers, and enjoy a good drink, Bar No. 308 is perfect for you. At this cool establishment, you’ll find themed nights with awesome DJs most days of the week. Bar No. 308 also serves up signature shots named for famous Beat writers. Slam back a Dorothy Parker or honor Bukowski with a shot.

For the Whiskey and Wine Fans: The 404 Kitchen

Image via Flickr by luckypines

Don’t be fooled by the size of this bar. Whether your preferred poison is whiskey or wine, The 404 Kitchen will blow you away with its selection. The mixologists at this bar can teach you everything you want to know about your drink of choice and take you on a journey with every sip.

Speaking of sips, it’s worth noting that you can grab a glass of wine from some of the rarest bottles around at The 404 Kitchen. Best of all, this establishment just opened a second, bigger location right across the street. The more, the merrier!

Nashville is home to many great bars that will make your stay more memorable. When you’re ready to relax after a long night out, be sure you’re staying in a hotel that’s in close proximity to your watering hole of choice.

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