6 Tricks To Flaunt A Smaller Waist

Want to show off a refined waist but don’t have the time to work towards it? You need not ditch that LBD for your girls night out because you feel that you won’t be able to flaunt it. Rather, use a few skills and tricks to pull off your outfit. Here are a few tips to rock your dream dress without worrying about your frame!

1. Wear High Waist Bottoms

One of the best tricks you can adopt is to wear high rise pants, skirts, shorts. Bottoms which begin from the smallest part of your waist make it look slimmer. You can even wear high rise shapewear pants which define your curve and make you look toned. These bottoms also make your legs look longer. The attention goes more on the length of your legs rather than your waist. Tuck in your top neatly in your denim or trousers. Following one of the latest trends, you can also let one flap of your side fall out while the other tucked in.

2. Tuck In With A Corset

Wearing corsets are a great way to cinch in your waist and love handles. They hold your sides together and make it look refined and small. Corsets were worn by women in the Victorian era to make their waistline look their smallest possible. 

3. Layering

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Layering your outfit is extremely stylish. Fuse different colors and prints to create attractive looks. The best part about wearing layers is that they can hide a wider waist and make it look smaller. You can layer during every season, just change the fabric according to the temperature.

4. Put On A Belt

Wear thin belts around the smallest part of your waist. These look not only cool but also take the attention away from your broader area and towards the smaller one. You can experiment with the color and the design of your buckle according to your outfit.

5. The All Black Look

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Every season’s favorite trend, an all black outfit looks very hot. You can team up your black top with black bottoms and black footwear. A totally chic look, an all-black outfit attracts attention on the style quotient of the color rather than your curves. You can even spice up your outfit with multiple black pieces. Go for black shimmer for a night look while show lots of skin during the day. You can never go wrong with this color!

6. Wear Prints


A printed outfit distracts the attention from the figure. The focus is more on the print of the outfit rather than your curves. You can go for various prints, from floral to abstract. Going for an interesting print also gives you the opportunity to wear colors. A color block dress can also do wonders if you wish to show a smaller waist. A piece with black solid panels on the sides is your best pick.

Just carry your outfit with lots of confidence and you will definitely be able to look great. Use the right accessories to jazz up your look.












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