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Deep Rooted Celebration for International Women’s Day

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Hello, beloveds.

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve penned you beauties a letter of love and appreciation! I promise you, I’ve been busy behind the scenes, building a platform that can best deliver content, events, and opportunities – for multicultural women. And what better way to show you how much I appreciate and celebrate the power of womanhood than to shout you out for International Women’s Day?

Loves, let’s start by recognizing some amazing trailblazers, who are currently paving the way for women to live, love, and launch! These women are who I pay tribute to, for being an epiphany of empowerment and pillars of inspiration.

Evita Robinson of Nomadness Tribe

Evita is the perfect example of what it means to shatter glass ceilings. Her leadership and compassion had me drawn to her example, like a moth to a flame! Evita is destined for greatness, and I plan to highlight her success every step of the way! I am in the process of manifesting my childhood dream – launching my (digital) magazine, and it made me so excited when this queen decided to grace the cover! Stay tuned for this awesomeness!

(Above image of Evita)
Makeup/Concept: @camaraaunique
Hair: @nicky_b_on_hai


Luuvie Ajayi of Awesomely Luuvie 

I remember when I first stumbled upon Luuvie. Laughter couldn’t contain itself! She’s so raw and so real. She is the ideal example of “dreams do come true!” I watch her with such excitement, like a kid in a candy store…because she is living proof that we can be who we are and the world will have to love us, or leave us alone! I was so happy to support her when she launched her “I’m Judging You” book. If you haven’t read this New York Times bestseller, you’re truly missing out!

(Image of Luuvie above)
@eltonandersonjr for @creatorsofcolor
: @kerilhenderson
: @jazzemakeup
: @goorinbros
: @judgeypop




Beth Santos for Wanderful

Beth has such a special place in my heart! She seems to defy gravity with her passion and desire to unite women who love to travel. Her brand was one that I knew I had to get involved with, and am happy to be a chapter leader and ambassador for the Wanderful movement! Beth proves that you can do it all, even as a mom, wife and entrepreneur! I chose the image of Beth above, because I see her as someone who stands in the gap – to bridge the barriers that women face. She provides resources for us to journey beyond our dreams!

These women are the motivators behind my desire to take my brand from a mere dream to a sweet reality. My mentor, Michelle Harding…said to me: “Sapphire, if you don’t become who God intended you to become, how many people are you letting down?” Honestly, I’ve never looked at my success as anything beyond myself! For the first time, I realized that it’s not about me…but rather concerning me! 

My success is for the purpose of helping others, and when you put it that way…how can you not push forward? In actuality, it’s how I view the above women! Their successes are the reason behind my urgency to succeed! It’s for the many girls and women whose lives I will inspire to push beyond their limitations and shatter those ceilings!

Let’s also take a look at my childhood hero, Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot’s performance has reignited a childhood essence that laid dormant for so many years. The message behind her (as Wonder Woman) strength and her coming into the realization of who she truly is, destroyed walls within that came tumbling down as my passions stampeded forth. When we succeed, we spark flames in the lives of those who we don’t even realize are watching!

But what about Wakanda and General Okoye (let’s put that respect on her name), played by Danai Gurira – the badass who was not only a leader but a protector as well? Yes, watching Black Panther made me want to harness the power of the community all the more! It made me appreciate my desire to lead a community of multicultural women who love luxury travel all the more. I went into labor and gave birth to the WanderLuxe Tribe.

We have so much to look forward to. Check out the blog, and see how our contributors are sharing so many awesome contents for you all to enjoy. We’ve even opened up the floor to allow men the opportunity to pen some pieces, worthy of you queens! Be sure to join our email list, as you don’t want to miss out on any of the goodies that are about to launch, and other’s that are exclusive to subscribers-only (we share with the community first, before releasing to the public).

Please visit our Partners’ page, where you can see all the top brands that we currently work with, so feel free to browse and shop shop shop!

As your brand ambassador for Wanderful Wilmington, don’t forget to join us on FB, Meetup, and sign up for our chapter newsletters! Here are a few things to help you join in on the excitement, also launching soon…

  • Chic sweepstakes that we’re launching with Local, AFAR, and other partners to send one awesome person to the Brazilian Amazon. You can also tweet the sweepstakes, as sharing is caring!
  • The next destination for Wanderfest (you’re going to love where we’re heading)
  • WITS (Women In Travel Summit) 2018, hitting Quebec City in May
  • A quickly growing home and experience-sharing network with new listings being added every week

This International Women’s Day and every day, Queens of Virtue wants to say how much we love you for being the awesome inspiration and bringers of light that you are! Continue to destroy and conquer your passions and dreams, while living your best lives on purpose!













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