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As women of color, we can experience travel (and most things) differently than other races. But, our experiences are what makes us stand out. I want you to imagine that you are speaking to a younger sister, who is interested in traveling. Imagine that you are responsible for instilling in her, valuable information that can help her to be a better, more informed traveler.

I asked two amazing bloggers, and they showed up and answered the call to help empower women of color who are #TravelingwithBlackGirlMagic. I want to thank Tiffany of Tiffany Travels and Kemkem Casinelli of The Next Bite of Life.

The below questions are to spark the conversation, leading you to give your best advice to her so that she’s an informed traveler.

What was the first trip you took and how did it fuel your desire for travel?

Tiffany H. – My first international trip was Ghana. I such a great experience with the women on the trip, we are still friends 10 years later. It also introduced me to a world where people appreciated and celebrated my plus size.
Kemkem C. – I was 13 and it was to the United Kingdom with my mother

What advice would you give to women who are #travelingwithblackgirlmagic (women of color)?

Tiffany H. – I would say just do it. Book a trip and go. Don’t wait on your friends, family or significant other.
Kemkem C. – Have fun discovering new places and things

What countries would you recommend for women of color to explore? 

Tiffany H. – Ghana, Thailand, South Africa, Mexico City, Cuba
Kemkem C. – Great Britain, Japan, Mexico and Krakow off the top of my head

What was the worst thing you’ve experienced while traveling? 

Tiffany H. – I seem to get travelers diarrhea. I know to make an appointment with the travel department before each trip to obtain a prescription in case of stomach issues.
Kemkem C. – Forgot my luggage at home and having to replace everything in Marrakesh

What was the best thing you’ve experienced while traveling?  

Tiffany H. – Meeting with other people from the place that I am visiting. Hanging out with the locals give you a perspective that you wouldn’t have if you come as a tourist.
Kemkem C. – Friendliness of locals and new food discovery

How did these (best & worst) shape your view of #travelingwithblackgirlmagic?

Tiffany H. – Every time I travel it makes me hunger for new destinations and meeting new people.
Kemkem C. – You really can’t travel with preconceived notions. Get out there and discover the world

How do you feel about solo travel for women of color? And where would you recommend for a first-timer? 

Tiffany H. – I think that you should travel solo, it allows you to discover elements about yourself that you may not learn if traveling with other people. I would recommend Thailand.
Kemkem C. – I think it’s great. I started traveling solo way before the internet and still enjoy it. Spain, even the United States are great places to start.

What’s your best budgeting practice(s)? 

Tiffany H. – I utilize credit cards to earn miles for free trips. I also stay in Airbnb or Hostels which are much cheaper than a hotel. I also use Digit, it’s an app that helps you save money on a trip.
Kemkem C. – Put a little aside each payday to fund travel. I don’t like travel on credit.

What things do you wish you would have known prior to your travel ventures? 

Tiffany H. – I wish I had known to join travel groups so that you can meet up with other fellow travelers.

Kemkem C. – Use ATM’s once on ground as they tend to have very good rates

Anything additional you would love to share with us? 
Tiffany H. – Black Women YOU Rock

Kemkem C. – Travel Responsibly! Don’t get too wasted because you need to have your wits about you. Safety first.

Blog: www.tiffany-travels.com

Twitter: @sweettiffys
Instagram: @sweettiffys
Pinterest: sweettiffys
My name is Tiffany. I am an alumnus of Cal State Long Beach and Howard University.  I love to travel the world, act in theater plays and write on my travel/ lifestyle blog. Professionally I am a social worker who loves to help other people.
Twitter: @nextbiteoflife
Facebook: https://facebook.com/nextbiteoflife
Kemkem is a licensed pharmacist and published author of fiction, self-help ebook, and guide to settling in Malta. She is a freelance writer who travels often with her photographer husband after selling most of their belongings in the United States. Currently based in Spain, they slow travel and document their lifestyle on their Nextbiteoflife blog.
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