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The Birth of a Solopreneur

When I was a little girl, I remember wanting to be my very own boss. At age 13, I owned my very first business, called Essential Solutions Studios. I did administrative and editorial services for my older sister’s high school friends. It was a lucrative business, charging $20 per project. Then at age 19, I launched Kharymatic Studios, LLC, my second company – where I did professional photography and graphic designs for friends, family and the likes. My biggest issue, however, was being able to break through the barriers of discrimination. It left me void and vacant. I started to lose faith in women, and men alike. Women – because envy and jealousy gave off a disgusting stench, leaving me neck deep in piles of rubbish (gossip, lies, slander), picking up the pieces my frenemies left behind. Men – well, because – even though I was talented enough, they were more focused on the skills I could perform between my legs. So these ventures never blossomed, because I knew my worth from a young age.

I ventured out to become a blogger in 2010. Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to own a magazine company, however, I was drawn to the instant appeal of being a digital publisher/nomad. I ran two blogs and joined various networks and groups which focused on beauty and fashion. Sadly, however, I got more support from my fellow Caucasian bloggers, than my sisters of color. This, for me, was extremely discouraging. I took a sabbatical after some personal issues with domestic violence reared its ugly head, and returned in 2016, to relaunch and rebrand. This round, I took the time to better myself. I got the necessary degrees and certifications, to help me advance my craft. I decided to use my first love – travel – as my number one, with beauty and style as my anchors.

Date With Destiny

Fast forward to today, and I refuse to let the insecurities of others, who I would love to collaborate with, bring me to a place that is of no importance. In fact, what others think or say about me, is none of my business. It doesn’t put a roof over my head, feed my children, or put gas in my tank. I have a women-owned brand to build, and that is the only goal.

United We Fall, Divided We Stand

Society gives enough unnecessary hatred, as the media clearly highlights. Racism is trending and discrimination continues to remind us that if you come from a certain racial background, we are not wanted or welcomed. But the harsher reality is…some people of color – often do everything they can to not support one another…and to me, that’s worse than hating me based on the amount of melanin in my skin. We, as people – MUST do better, for ourselves, our future generations, and each other…leading by example. This is why I created Queens of Virtue, to be an influencer and ambassador – a social enterprise – empowering minorities, saturated in an affluent appeal of travel, beauty, and style.

Travel. Black Beauty. Life of Style

Let’s not be ignorant to the ugliness that exists in this world. The disturbing reality is, no matter what race you are, someone, somewhere – isn’t going to like you. However, for my women of color – I want to inspire you, as we must stand together – strong – in support of who we are, and what we’ve been through. Even though I am very happy to be a black woman-owned brand, I do not exclude opportunities to work with others. I also make sure to collaborate, network and welcome mentoring – so I can help other women who not only look like me but love like me.

My Brand, My Baby

My brand is the “Queen.” The ultimate female. Inspiring, attentive, focused, creative and a visionary. She is the ideal influencer, leader, and pillar of empowerment. The more I write, the more I relate and visualize myself. A queen plays many roles, yet not one specific role can be used, to sum up her identity. She wears a crown of beauty, in place of her ashes. True motivators take time to help other women connect and address issues. This is why this “Queen of Virtue” aims to be the change that I seek.



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