For Colored Girls: Trending Travel While Black

Breaking the Bondage of Racial Barriers


It’s no secret beloveds. The state of racism in the world can be seen in any country, on every media…especially social media! It’s almost impossible to exist while being black (African-American, African, Afro-Caribbean, etc) in the wake of all the recent killings, and not be effected by the ugliness that is happening more frequently. This modern day prey, created a system with a goal to kill, destroy and steal – livelihoods, dignity, opportunities, and identities of all that it sets it hooks into. There is a great blanket of deception, hanging high above the world. It targets minds – leaving victims believing the world is simply black and white. How many are awakened to the shades of gray which exists in between?


People of color experience higher instances of profiling. We are told to behave in a manner which wouldn’t attract retaliatory consequences…basically, don’t piss off our oppressors! Oneika the Traveler believes that traveling while black is indeed a phenomenon. She’s even dedicated an entire section of her blog exposing and highlighting it.

2 Corinthians 10: 4-5 tells us that:

our weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God, to the pulling down of satanic strongholds.”

Beloveds, what this means is that we are NOT supposed to fight with other people, but rather, the invisible powers…spirits of hatred, fear, pride, deceptions, division…who’s mission is to divide and conquer. Black men and women can be seen being massively oppressed on a global scale, that we cannot point fingers at just America. When it comes to the industry of travel, we are left out of opportunities – especially in the media. We are in low numbers. However, we travel just as much as other races, if not more! We have been known for our trendiness in music, fashion and beauty. But we are appropriated at every angle, then ridiculed for being flawlessly creative.

How This Relates to Travel

There is such a thing called First-World vs. Third-World privilege (Black with Western Privilege). People might argue that being black has it’s privileges anywhere outside of the United States. I know I personally felt like a queen when I ventured to Tijuana, Mexico! I’ve had girlfriends tell me about their royal treatment when visiting other countries. I have also been told how beautiful my locs are, yet I do get stereotyped and/or judged more harshly than my perm wearing, weave-adorning sisters. When my head is wrapped, I am asked if I am muslim or from Jamaica. It can never just be…I feel more comfy with my head scarf, rather than leaving my locs untwisted in a huge poofy mat. For me, wearing locs and a dashiki might be trendy, but for some…its their cultural way of life! 13517430_813598412126638_4502220643934235995_o

Travel is intriguing. It has exposed so many to great accomplishments. For me, its rather therapeutic. It allows us to experience other cultures, tapping into our senses…to see, touch, smell, hear and taste all of the splendor which took God 6 days to create. It should’t matter what color our skin is. What defines us is our hearts and our mentality. And last time I checked, we are pretty much similar when it comes to our insides!

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