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13734933_822810814538731_2603448392267349260_o Journey with us as we embark on our very first #BucketListChallenge for 2017. Come explore Bali, Indonesia with Queens of Virtue. Set on the lush and unspoilt East Coast of Bali, Hotel Komune Resort and Beach Club is blessed with a hypnotizing view of the world famous Keramas surf break. The resort is conveniently 50 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. With a pristine volcanic beach, this chic 4-star beachfront resort boasts a wonderful experience for spending leisure time in a natural luxury hotel.

wide_large_IMG_1234Featuring 66 impressive rooms and suites, and sumptuously appointed accommodation with artistic furniture, this unique Bali resort articulates the identity exotic. The Beach Club was voted in the top 5 in Asia and the executive chef brings his worldwide cuisine experience to the dishes (This is for my foodies). Inviting entertainment and exquisite nibbles from Asia, Europe, and Australia are served during themed-night dinners.

Your body deserves a reward after a hard day in the surf, and Joglo Spa understands how to pamper the body – from head to toe. Yes ladies, why would we not spa?

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What are Trip Tribes?

Trip Tribes are chic getaways, set in exotic places (hence #bucketlistchallenge) where we come together as one collective, united and driven by a desire to experience the many possibilities available through traveling. We explore – seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling and hearing every moment – while capturing it from behind our lens; awakening our spiritual senses; being transformed into queens of virtuous storytelling!

Why Bali?

Bali boasts a special vibes, an essence of authenticity that words cannot describe. Definitely a “must” experience. It’s an ideal Bucket List destination. Bali has touched and inspired many avid travelers for many decades. Maybe its the warm and welcoming character of the Balinese women! Bali’s rated a “top 10 tropical holiday destinations in the world.” Diverse, complex and often unpredictable – Bali never falls short of expectations. The island of Bali is vibrant, with dynamic eco-tourism. With an abundance of luxurious resorts, pristine beaches, top cuisines, and coconut trees; standing out among fellow counterparts – Maldives or Bahamas – where everything streamlines toward standards of global tourism.  Bali is free of Tourism Managers who invent concepts that provide “predictable surprises” for tourists; an opportunity for getting lost in an abundance of activities.

What You Must Know, Before You Go

When traveling, we must do our research before embarking on new territory and foreign land. These few facts will make a difference in how we experience Bali. The island is a part of Indonesia. It is still subject to all the opportunities and challenges of a developing country. Although Bali is pretty safe…its also easy to travel.  Yet, lots of things simply won’t work the way we’re used to (this is the case for most destinations). But that’s all apart of the fun!

Known to Many, Understood By Few

Located 8 degrees south of the equator, you can expect tropical, humid temperatures year round. The only seasons are: Dry and Rainy! Cooler, rainier temps are experienced in the central mountains or volcanoes – with  several peaking over 3,000 meters in elevation. Night temperatures can drop significantly in the highlands near the volcanoes. Rainy season happens from October through March. Usually, the seas and beaches of the south (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak) are rougher, with debris possible, as the ocean cleanses herself between January/February. Winds are stronger off the coasts. Rain falls for a few hours, then it’s sun – as usual. It’s rare for Bali to rain days at a time, continuously. 

Dry season is between April and September. Most visitors are flocking to the island between July and August. Bali’s true beauty shines bright during dry season; however, it is more secluded, private and cheaper during rainy season!

Visa and Immigration Requirements

Free Visa entry & VOA – Visa on Arrival: Depending on your passport there are three options to enter Indonesia that apply to most travelers that come for tourist or social purpose only: No Visa required (majority of countries – FREE entry, 30 days valid, NOT extendable) Visa on Arrival ($35 US, 30 days valid, extendable (once for 30 days) Visa needed (apply abroad before arriving in Indonesia) Please check the country lists below, to see what visa regulations for Bali Indonesia applies to you. Note: Passengers from cruise ships arriving in Benoa, need to be aware that the immigration office at the harbor has no visa free facility. This means you still will need to apply for a Visa on Arrival.





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