Queens Don’t Catch Feelings, We Catch Flights

Beautiful morning beloveds.

Can you imagine how much excitement I am experiencing at this very moment? You see, for over 6 years, I’ve worked tirelessly on two social platforms which focused on beauty and fashion, with a goal to empower, entertain and educate girls and women. However, my heart desired travel. But the latter part of the past 5 years found me seeking a transformation. My journey kept me fascinated with being a Proverbs 31 Woman, a true and noble queen indeed!

13737638_824155291070950_1801003923205077099_oSo as a queen, it is my duty to build and care-for my kingdom. Queens of Virtue is my kingdom! Queens travel together, laugh together, explore cultures together; while being empowered, educated and entertained in ways to live our lives according to God’s purpose, not man’s!
Living Life According to Divine Purpose
Ever felt like you were called to a higher purpose in life? Like the trials and tribulations had a deeper meaning than just a wrong place, wrong time! I believe that God is rising up perfect witnesses throughout the world. As a Christian, there is no such thing as coincidence or luck; only God’s will or challenges set into play by adversaries. A year ago, nobody could have convinced me that my attraction to the goddess ungodly. I set out to create a brand with all things goddess as my inspiration. But, the more I seek His face, the less the appeal to the goddess ideal became; until it’s nothing but a distant memory.
As a child of the Most High King, I step into my queendom. Starting afresh is never easy, but it is anything but impossible. My passion hasn’t changed (for empowering, entertaining and educating women) but my direction and journey to truth has come to fruition; realized that my tests are my testimonies; my mess is messages that will help others find their way before the Most High. As queens, the way we carry ourselves (who is your covering?), pretty much speaks volumes to who we are on the inside, not who we pretend or want to be. When I think about queens, queen Esther from the Bible comes to mind. Her approach to preparing to go before the king was amazing, that she found favor in the kingdom.
Battery Park StripThis past summer, I took time for myself to really figure out what travel truly means to me. I love helping people discover the world, meeting new people, tasting different authentic cuisine…it truly is breath-taking, experiencing the world. Getting behind my lens at Battery Park, in New Castle Delaware; gave me life, for the first time in a long time. It felt meant-to-be! Watching the sunset, as I walked the trail parallel the water….there was a purpose. And at that moment, a leap of faith was born – Queens of Virtue. So get your passport, cameras, journals and favorite girlfriends ready…as we get ready to travel the world.
Battery Park Strip 2

Battery Park Trail. Listening to the water and the wind is truly relaxing.

Battery Park Sunset

As the sun sets, the scenery became nostalgic.



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