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I am a travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle writer/photographer and ambassador who enjoys utilizing my passions to empower girls and women!

I started blogging in 2010 as Editor-in-Chic of Mind Body Soul’U’tions (Media Maven) and Elite Socialistas (StyleEmpress)!

I have been called “an amazingly creative innovation, taking the digital world by storm!”  Since the innocent age of 6, I can fondly remember my passion for the arts. I got my first journalism gig at age 9, while in elementary school…and was my 4th grade Gazette reporter. I remember writing my daily articles on what we knew then as Macintosh computers.

I am a highly-skilled, uniquely diversified creative professional, with an extensive background in Freelance Writing, Blogging and Copywriting, just to name a few. I have been published in AOL, Popsugar, TypeF.com, VillageVoice, MTV; just to name a few!

“I seek to learn so that I may serve! I hope to be a pillar of empowerment and invaluable resource to those in need! It means that I can be an advocate to help change the dynamics of victimization.” I am a SURVIVOR! It took me a long time to come to terms with the stigma that comes attached, as to survive – naturally implies to endure extreme and strenuous trials! But today, I see my status as a blessing – an opportunity to take my power back. I have since become obsessed with empowerment. I am fixated with helping others to survive! I no longer view my femininity as a weakness or inferior. I govern my life through seeking to serve God, as I see truth in “being the change I seek.” I have since become an advocate for change. I enjoy using my creativity to live my passions through bliss – as a lifestyle, fashion, travel, beauty, cause/social good ambassador and writer – who dabs in photography, design/graphics, PR – to create a future focused on positive change!

.. Like Father time himself, I have the ability to stop time!

Yet I am no God. I am a Queen.

I can record random moments in history, but I am not a Historian!

I can vividly remind one of their past, and document their present, which rapidly becomes their past, for preservation of their future, yet I am not a fortune teller!

I am called upon to capture precious moments, but I am not the leader of any armies.

With this great power, I am merely equipped with my hands and my eyes!

Through the aid of light, am I allowed to captivate beauty, yet I cannot be compared to the sun!

I contain the art of manipulating time, for time is truly of the essence…

And that essence is our fruitful nature, that fruitful nature is as we know it, called Life!

I simply take seconds of life into the palm of my hands and freeze it….

And without our future, we will cease to exists!

Sapphire Kharyzma
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Sapphire Kharyzma

Editor-in-Chic, Chic Executive Officer at Queens of Virtue
Travel. Beauty. Style is a Media, Travel and Leisure platform which engages women through an empowered life of Travel. Leisure and Lifestyle. We seek real women, to offer real, mind, body soul'U'tions, as we are transformed into queens of virtue through storytelling and capturing memories which awaken our spiritual senses.

Travel is our lifestyle; our tribe - where we come together as one collective, united and driven by the desire to experience the many possibilities abundantly available through traveling! Beauty is our canvas, and style is our artistic tool.

Join us as we explore and get culturally inspired. Travel. Beauty. Style is our gateway to connect. Featured articles focus on experiencing diverse cultures through unique and creative avenues. Gather your bucket lists, cameras, journals, passports, chic outfits, trendy beauty must-haves and tastebuds...sit back and relax, as queens don't catch feelings, we catch flights, trains and ships - in beautiful style!!!

Sapphire Kharyzma is a CTA|Caribbean & Luxury Specialist | Freelance Writer + Photographer | Influencer + Motivational Speaker | Digital Marketing Strategist | Wanderlust
Sapphire Kharyzma
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